Allegro Parfum

An intimate story of artistic perfumery

Allegro Parfum

Journey into the world of designer fragrances

Allegro Parfum

The emotions revealed
through the scents

Allegro Parfum

The individual experience
becomes sensorial essence

Allegro Parfum

Una storia intima della profumeria artistica

Allegro Parfum

Viaggio nel mondo delle fragranze d’autore

Allegro Parfum

L'emozioni raccontate
attraverso i profumi

Allegro Parfum

L’esperienza individuale
diventa essenza sensoriale

Allegro Parfum

Profumeria artistica


My father's surname was Allegro. An adjective that has always accompanied me. A hymn to joy, somehow a life program. I don't know if my mother fell in love with it too, but I like to think so. For the same reason, wanting to tell the fragments of my experience with perfumes, the line could only be called like that.

foto_placement-600x600 Allegro Parfum - Allegro Parfum


Caterina and Arké are the first two chapters of an exciting emotional journey, which has its roots in the past, but at the same time looks to the future. The awareness of who we are and the values we share today lead to the path of discovery of what we will become tomorrow.


Caterina was a seamstress, weaving life and giving a sense and a perfume to everything, thus preventing the memory from being erased over the years.

Allegro Parfum Arké


“During a windstorm the branches of a tree fight but the roots embrace each other”.
(Ancient African proverb)


What is my happy thought? I cannot stop thinking about me, as a child, flying the kite in the sky. I never understood if I was chasing the kite or it was chasing me.

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Alla ricerca del profumo di nicchia che racconta l’amore materno

Alla ricerca del profumo di nicchia che racconta l’amore materno

Quali tra le tante #fragranze di nicchia# ha saputo sintetizzare l’emozione dell’abbraccio della #mamma? Quale profumo di lusso è il simbolo dell’amore materno?

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