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World of inspiration:
The Dream

What is my happy thought? I cannot stop thinking about me, as a child, flying the kite in the sky. I never understood if I was chasing the kite or it was chasing me. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that I was deeply happy, lighthearted, free and with a great desire to dream.

But dreams feed on courage and madness, they need audacity to be chased and transformed into the engine of our life.

The dream of a poet of the senses: The Kite

Today I recognize that kite can be a fascinating metaphor of the dreams and the invisible thread held in our hands holds the secret of freedom and guides it. Just like the wind does with the kite.

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Aquilone expresses a feeling of freedom, dedicated to those who pursue their dreams like a "kite" that takes off despite the headwind. It is a fragrance for those in search of a fresh breath and for those who, every day, get excited about daydreaming.

Irene Farmachidi naso di Allegro Perfume

Irène Farmachidi, Perfumer

Aquilone piramide olfattiva

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